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Why obtaining the Hu-Man label ?

Hu-Man, the first label of humanisation at work.

Engaging in the Hu-Man label guarantees your organization a more human-centered approach. It also strengthens relationships between management teams and their employees, while providing more respect to your customers, service providers, future employees, shareholders and investors.


Suffering at work is a fact.

It has always existed, but it does not have to be that way.

Burn-out: To become exhausted from overwork or overuse.

Figures explode every week, however, the phenomenon is not new. Here are some figures already dated 2015.

60 %

of people in Europe attribute it to excessive workload.

billions € / year

lack of productivité & sick leave cost.

70 %

of management considers suffering of burnout.

- 20 %

of SMES have prevention policies in place.

Major reasons why we leave an organization ?


Lack of growth opportunities

No "work-life" balance

Poor management

Lack of recognition or reward

Bad working atmosphere

Better job

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« Hu-Man » has been created as we entered a new way of thinking, which will have an impact on sustainable economy.

Aurelien Herquel
Aurélien Herquel
Founder of Hu-Man

Hu-Man guarantees

A label with multiple guarantees, clear & innovative.

Innovative methodology based on concrete actions

Label focused only on human capital

(And not on ecology)

Methodology clear, transparent and ethical

Label recreating a virtuous circle around the company

(management, employees, future employees, shareholders and investors)

Award granted based on the work carried out by an external, independent and objective body

Methodology involving all companies' stakeholders

(not based on a questionnaire)

Segregation of duties between implementation, audit and awarding of the label

Applicable across the globe

for organizations.



Relationships between staff and management



Humanism and performance



Trust in a long-term economic growth



Current and futur challenges



A human vision & image of your organization

for employees.

Applying Hu-Man principles has also multiple advantages for employees.

Increase engagement in the life of the company

Share a common vision

More work/life balance

More recognition

Outlook for the future

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