The Hu-Man label is composed of 11 principles based on 3 pillars.

Social cohesion

Gender balance


To obtain the Hu-Man label you will choose :

Between 3 and 5 principles of the label.

After 3 to 6 months of practice for organizations of less than 20 people or 6 to 8 months for organizations of more than 20 people, the principles choosen will be audited by KPMG according to the Hu-Man audit grid ; which will be provided to you upon the contract signature.

Hu-Man 10 principles

Connaitres Ses Equipes
Principle n°1

Social cohesion

Knowing your teams

Principle n°2

Social cohesion

Human performance

Grandir Ensemble
Principle n°3

Social cohesion

Growing together

Faire La Difference
Principle n°4

Social cohesion

Making a difference

On Recoit Ce Que Lon Donne
Principle n°5

Social cohesion

We get what we give

Partager Ses Experiences Positives
Principle n°6

Social cohesion

Sharing positive experiences

La Parite Compte
Principle n°7

Gender balance

Parity matters

Egalite Paie
Principle n°8

Gender balance

Equality pays

Une Chance Pour Tous 2
Principle n°9


A chance for all

Investir Dans Lhumain 2
Principle n°10


Investing in people

Principle n°11


Senior Mobility


5 steps to become Hu-Man


Intake meetings

background information, challenges




Implemantation of the selected Hu-Man principles


KPMG Audit
+ Report


Label Hu-Man

For 2 years

What's next?

Once granted, the Hu-Man label is valid for a 2-year period.

After this period, the organization will decide on whether it wishes to continue the labeling process for another two years, but this time adding on an additional principle.