Public housing office

Hu-Man since 2022

Created in 1919, Vosgelis is today the first OPH in the Lorraine region (North-East of France) with a stock of 16,500 housing units spread over 112 municipalities.

Vosgelis is home to nearly 28,000 people, or 8% of the population of the Vosges department. Vosgelis is also a founding member of the Estoria group.

A key economic player, Vosgelis employs 220 people and mobilizes more than 800 suppliers with 500 contracts per year. The company builds an average of 50 new homes per year and renovates 500.


Hu-Man principles

Vosgelis is committed to respect
5 of the 10 principes Hu-Man

Grandir Ensemble
Principle n°3

Social cohesion

Growing together

Faire La Difference
Principle n°4

Social cohesion

Making a difference

On Recoit Ce Que Lon Donne
Principle n°5

Social cohesion

We get what we give

Partager Ses Experiences Positives
Principle n°6

Social cohesion

Sharing positive experiences

Une Chance Pour Tous 2
Principle n°9


A chance for all

The greatest wealth of a company is its employees. Everyone is convinced of this today. From Jean-Pierre Petit, CEO of McDonald's France to the least known to management coaches, everyone confidently asserts that it has now become the new credo...neck to neck with ecological commitment. It remains that, in both cases, too often, the actions are cosmetic. With a table football and two hammocks installed in the basement, a telework agreement which is not really one and a somewhat inventive communication, a company can be proud of a commitment to improve the working conditions of its employees. We are then in the register of "Humanwashing" as there is already "greenwashing". However, if for the second case, there are certifications, labels which make it possible to distinguish between the real commitment and that which is only a facade. However, there was nothing concrete in place to measure the efficiency of a policy implemented to improve employee well-being. With his label Hu-Man, Aurélien HERQUEL corrected this anomaly. The 10 principles he invented are now the ten commandments that must be respected in order to claim his label and demonstrate his commitment to the well-being of his employees.
Fabrice Barbe
General Director - Vosgelis


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