Institute of Internal Auditors Belgium: (IIA Belgium)

The IIA represents the majority of practicing internal auditors in Belgium and promotes the internal auditing profession towards all stakeholders. All members are appropriately trained in the fundamentals of internal auditing, new auditing areas and new regulations. Internal auditors are recognized in their organization as the independent assurance provider and specialist in internal controls, risk management and governance


Vosgelis Estoria

Created in 1919, Vosgelis is today the first OPH (Public Housing Office) in Lorraine with a stock of 16,500 housing units spread over 112 municipalities. Vosgelis is home to nearly 28,000 people, or 8% of the population of the Vosges department. Vosgelis is also a member of the founding group Estoria.

A key economic player, Vosgelis employs 215 people and mobilizes more than 800 suppliers with 500 contracts per year. The company integrates an average of 50 new homes per year and 500 in rehabilitation.