Humanisation at work will become a crucial factor for the companies’ growth and employee’s retention in the coming months and years. Being Hu-Man will guarantee companies a human vision of its business recognized internally for its workers as well as in the outside world: for its customers, suppliers, future candidates, shareholders and investors.



Hu-Man is based on ten principles based on three pillars: Social cohesion, gender balance and Inclusion.

To obtain the Hu-Man label, you will choose five out of the ten principles which the will be audited.

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Advantages for organisations:                        Advantages for employees:

- Harmonize relations between employees and management                           - Share a common vision

- Unite humanism and performance                                                                   - More recognition

- Maintain it confidence in a long-term growth perspective                               - Outlook for the future

- Anticipate the challenges of tomorrow                                                             - Increase participation in the life of the company

- Nourrish a human image of the organisation                                                    - More work-life balance


Process to obtain the Hu-Man label?


And after?

Once obtained, the Hu-Man label will be delivered for a two years period. After that period the company will be free to choose whether it wants to continue for another two-years period but adding one additional principal to the initial ones.